I lack the self motivation to work out on my own so I searched online for a personal trainer and found Marvin. He truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. I have had a personal trainer in the past, however Marvin’s style and variety of exercises surpasses those of my previous trainer. Also the biggest plus is having him come to my home! It really makes a difference as I have no excuse when the door bell rings. I can honestly say I look forward to training with Marvin every week! If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then contact Move Well now!
— Jodie W.

I’ve had low back pain for a number of years. It was so bad that I actually had a couple of surgeries on it because I was losing feeling in my legs. After the surgery I regained the feeling in my legs but my back pain was awful to the point that I could not think of anything else. Marvin has been able to keep me active and relatively pain free with his unique combination of physical therapy and personal training for the last year and a half.
— Mike C.
The results speak for themselves. I’ve gained about 20 pounds of muscle, am a lot stronger and am consistently improving on all my exercises. I am glad to know that there are detailed records of my progress and this helps me get through any plateaus I hit. I’ve recommended Move Well Fitness to my friends and will continue to do so in the future.
— Michael S.
Before I started working with Sydney, I was too afraid to even step foot near the free weights, and was totally intimidated by circuit exercises. Now, I don’t even know how I managed to exercise without weights. She has given me the confidence to get back into working out, and has continuously supported me to reach my goals, setbacks and all!
— Liz B.
I have been working with Marvin for almost three months. He is very good at keeping me motivated and I am really happy with the progress I have made in gaining strength. When I hurt my back he used his physical therapist skills to modify the workout so I could continue to workout without losing the gains I had made. I would highly recommend Marvin as a personal trainer.
— Betty H.
Working with Marvin far exceeded my expectations for working with a personal trainer. He is professional, fun, and very knowledgeable. His experience working as a physical therapist is a great asset to him as he is able to treat both my knee pain and help me to get in shape for my first half marathon. Highly recommended!!
— Mike C.