What we do

We understand that today’s fast paced lifestyle makes settling aside time for exercise incredibly difficult, so our trainers make life easier by bringing the personal training directly to our clients. We bring all the necessary equipment and conduct sessions in the comfort of our client’s home. All that we require from our clients is enough open space to lay down and make a snow angel.

What sets us apart

Personal Training at Move Well Fitness is radically different from other personal training experiences for several reasons:

First, because the exercise is "program centric" not "trainer centric".  All exercise sessions delivered are based on a detailed personalized program, created for each client using Move Well Fitness’ specific methodology. Sessions are NOT based on what a trainer feels like doing on a particular day with his / her client.

Next, all programs are written and overseen by an advisor who is responsible for being the client's point person and continually ensuring the exercise prescription is up to date, and directly addresses the needs and goals of that client.

Finally, by utilizing a "team approach" the client benefits by having access to a broader perspective and skill set than any single trainer could provide, and an ability to develop a relationship base with the staff, rather than only one individual.

The Training experience

We define training as the "application of exercise, nutrition, rest, and mental elements, with a specific focus."  Whether the modality be running, yoga, olympic weight lifting, or pilates and whether the work is completed in a group environment or on one's own, our approach is determined by the specific goals and objectives of each individual.  We understand that productive training is dependent upon three things:




We have a deep conviction in the belief that in order to achieve these things, the training process must include:


To remain mentally engaged, learning must be part of any and all training.


To allow both learning and achieving a sense of accomplishment and mastery.


To provide accountability, motivation, and expertise.


Social, emotional, and technical.


The stimulus must be modified and changed on a regular basis to avoid boredom and keep from plateau-ing physically.

Practical Applications:

So the work somehow translates into life in a real and meaningful way.


Without a safe environment, trust in the process is eroded and focus is impossible.